Encouraging ordinary people and organisations to aim higher and be extraordinary.

Saray delivers not only motivational but also transformational and actionable talks to drive meaningful outcomes for organisations and communities. Every engagement is customised to drive the greatest possible impact, combining engaging stories, practical techniques and breathtaking visuals that push audiences to jump start their creative energy and motivate them to aim higher and think differently.


  • Corporates
  • Leadership groups
  • Junior to senior management groups
  • Sales teams
  • Teambuilding groups
  • Women groups
  • Community groups


  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Women in business
  • High- performing teams


  • South Pole 2020 – First black African woman on the southernmost point on Earth
  • Everest 2019 – First black African woman on top of the world
  • Everest 2017 – Left for dead at Camp 4
  • Everest 2015 – Surviving the earthquake on the glacier
  • Three-week-long coma after an MTB accident
  • Everest 2014