Updates and Articles from Saray N’kusi Khumalo.

Thanks again for your support. On the 31st of December 2019, I made it to the South Pole after completing the last degree challenge.

Thanks to the guide that helped me through the last day of the expedition especially to protect the thumb. 

Thanks to Momentum Multiply, Garmin SA and Tourvest Travel Services for the support and partnering with me in making history. 


I am a daughter of the continent, I am an African and carry all the flags that make me who I am. Proud moments.

Thank you Womentum for an amazing campaign and thank you to everyone that voted for me. I won the GSports Woman of the year award 2019! Keep stepping!

I share my incredible journey in the August edition of Fairlady magazine. Get your copy and read about how I was left for dead after reaching Camp IV (aka Death Zone)

I spent the 9th of August with the Lions, appreciating women in sports. Strategizing on ways to reach different summits in respective disciplines. Let’s support women in sports by going to their games, advocating for equal pay and equal opportunities as their counterparts. The girls are taking our flag to the top!

Thank you to Nicky Newton-King and the JSE women for giving me their time and platform to share a glimpse of my Everest journey. It’s time for us to march like the women of 1956`for today’s struggles and for the sake of tomorrow. Let’s share our extraordinary selves with the world. It’s time to step up and step forward. Let’s keep stepping cause it’s about time!