Saray N’kusi Khumalo is the First Black African Woman to reach the South Pole and to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Reach Extraordinary Heights

Saray has dedicated her climbs to ordinary people, women and girls, daughters of the African soil who dare to dream. Her dream is to go higher and go further for as long as she has breath.

Saray wants to motivate and encourage all children and ordinary people to realise that they too are capable of reaching extraordinary heights. Don’t think about the difficulties on the way but keep focused on the end goal and keep dreaming the impossible dream.

Be Coached By Saray

Do you have big goals that you have been trying for awhile to achieve? Maybe some of your wildest dreams and biggest goals seem outlandish. Well if anyone can help you achieve them, it is Saray. She knows exactly what it takes to overcome your own personal summit and rise to success. Don’t miss this RARE opportunity to get coached by Saray personally.

Live a Purposeful Life

Saray is a Mandela Libraries ambassador climbing to raise awareness of the Mandela Libraries Projects. This initiative is working on building libraries for about 90% of the schools without libraries in South Africa. As she continues to summit real mountains, she will encourage children to summit everyday peaks in education and other spheres of their life. Help her make a difference because the power is in our hands!

'She reminds us that through courage and perseverance, we can achieve our highest ambitions, for the greater good of humanity'
'On her fourth attempt to reach the summit, she did it! Saray Khumalo is said to be first black African woman to scale Mount Everest
'Saray Khumalo’s courage has inspired us all to overcome our own “Everests” when she stood on top of the world.'